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Why Seafarers?

The mission of Seafarers & International House began in 1873 when the Church of Sweden sent a missionary to start a ministry to Swedish seafarers in New York City.  It soon became apparent that there a flood of Swedish immigrants arriving in New York City who also needed.
“To meet the needs of these many seafarers and immigrants, Seafarers & International House and its sponsoring church, the Augustana (Swedish) Lutheran Synod collaborated with Das Deutsche EmigrantenHaus to provide hospitality and accommodations.  Twenty years later, Seafarers & International House built its own guesthouse.

“Nearly 125 years later, the German Seamen’s Mission of New York merged into Seafarers & International.  So, this mission has come full circle to serve seafarers and asylum seekers, drawing upon a long tradition of hospitality and service among the Swedish and German peoples, extending to people of all nationalities, cultures and faiths.”      

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